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M.Ed. 2 YEAR Syllabus

(Four Semester Course)


Semester -1                                    
 1) Psychology of Learning and Development    
 2) Historical, Political and Economic                 
    foundations of Education
 3) Education Studies                                       
 4) Introduction to Educational Research            
 5 (A) Internship:Teacher Education Institute      
(Phase-I, Three Weeks)                                     
5 (B) Communication and Expository Writing     
5 (C) Self Development                                       
Note: Viva-Voce exam for Course V- A , V -B and V-C will be conducted by the external examiner at the end of the first semester
Semester -2                                             
1) OPEN Elective: Understanding Sociology
2) Foundation Elective: Psychology of Everyday Living
3) Philosophical Foundations of Education 
 4) Sociological foundations of Education  
 5) Curriculum Studies                             
 6) Pre-Service & In-service Teacher Education                                         
 5 (A) Internship:Teacher Education Institute       
(Phase-II, Three Weeks)                                    
5 (B) Academic Writing                                     
 Note: Viva-Voce exam for Course V-A and V-B will be conducted by the external examiner at the end of the second semester.
Semester -3                                             Theory +  IA
Specialization of Course at any one Level:
 Elementary/ Secondary
1) Institutional Planning and Management      
    (Elementary / Secondary Level)
2) Issues, curriculum and Assessment         
    (Elementary / Secondary Level)
3) Advance Educational Research               
4) Perspectives Research and Issues in       
    Teacher Education
5)  Internship in Specialized Area                    
     (In School; 28 Days)
Note: Viva-Voce exam for Course V will be conducted by the external examiner at the end of the third semester.                
Semester -4                                                  Theory +  IA
 Specialization Course-1 (any one)
(i) Advanced Curriculum Theory
(ii)Pedagogy of Science Education
(iii)Pedagogy of Mathematics
(iv) Pedagogy of Language Education
(v) Pedagogy of Social Science
(Vi) Approaches to Assessment 
Specialization of Course-II:
Educational Policy, Economics &Planning
Specialization of Course-III (any one)
(i) Educational Management, Administration & Leadership
(ii) Information, Communication &Educational Technology
 (iii) Guidance and Counselling
 (iV)Inclusive Education
4) Dissertation                                                 
i. Note: Dissertation will be jointly evaluated by the external and internal examiners at the end of the Fourth semester.
ii. Dissertation: students will select a research problem for investigation. They will present the synopsis of their research work to be undertaken, in the departmental/College committee meeting consisting of teachers participating in M.Ed. Programme. They will also submit one copy of synopsis to the examiner at the time of viva-voce examination. More over they will bring data collected as a proof of original data collection at the time of viva-voce examination.
 Internship should be organized in such a way that involves all students’ engagement for continuous period in a school and teacher education institute for field experience associated with the specialization that students choose. Since the M.Ed. Programme structure proposed in this report is associated on  schools and teacher education institutions (and other sites) based activities, the M.Ed. Calendar should be developed keeping in mind the schedule of these institutions.


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