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LL.B 3 YEAR Syllabus (Six Semester Course)


Semester -1                                  MAX Marks:100
1. Jurisprudence-1 (Legal Theory) CODE: K-101 
2. Constitutional Law of India-1 CODE: K-102
3. Law of Torts CODE: K-103
4.Law of Crimes (IPC) CODE: K-104                                                        
5. Contract -1 (General Principal of Contract) CODE: K-105
Semester -2                                   MAX Marks:100
1. Jurisprudence-2 (Legal Concepts) CODE: K-201
2. Constitutional Law of India-2 CODE: K-202
3. Hindu Law CODE: K-203
4. Contract-II (Specific Contract and Law of Partnership) CODE: K-204
5. Optional-(A) Legal History CODE: K-205           
    OR  (B) Taxation CODE: K-206         
Semester -3                                  MAX Marks:100
1. Muslim Law CODE: K-301
2. Public International Law CODE: K-302
3. Administrative Law CODE: K-303                                    
4. Law of Property & Easement CODE: K-304
5. Professional Ethics
(50 Marks Written Paper + 50 Marks File & Viva) CODE: K-305
Semester -4                          MAX Marks:100                                                        
1. Company Law CODE: K-401
2. Labour and Industrial Law CODE: K-402
3. Environmental Law CODE: K-403
4. Optional- (A) Criminology & Penology CODE: K-404
Or (B) Banking Law CODE: K-406
Or (C) Trust Equity & Fiduciary Relationship CODE: K-405
5. Arbitration Conciliation & ADR (Practical Paper) CODE: K-407
Semester -5                                 MAX Marks:100
1. Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act CODE: K-501
2. Law of Crimes –II CODE: K-502
3. Law of Evidence CODE: K-503
4. Land Law including Ceiling and other Local Laws CODE: K-504
5. Drafting of Pleading & Coveyancing
(50 Marks Written Paper + 50 Marks File & Viva) CODE: K-505
Semester -6                            MAX Marks:100
1. Interpretation of Statutes CODE: K-601
2. Legal Language & Legal Writing CODE: K-602
3. Law of Human Rights CODE: K-603
4. Optional- (A) Intellectual Property Law CODE: K-604
    OR (B) IT and Cyber Law CODE: K-605
    OR (C) Women and Child Law CODE: K-606
    OR (D) Law relating to Right to Information CODE: K-607
5. Moot Court, Pre Trial Preparation & Participation in
     Trial Proceeding (Practical) CODE: K-608
(1). 45% Marks in Graduation OR Post Graduation (For General  & OBC)
(2). 40% for SC & ST of Uttar Pradesh
(3). 45% for SC & ST of Other State
(4). No Age Limit
KENT is not a college, offer only  Guidance for Admission in LL.B. Course*


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